Ultimate Comics Cataclysm: Why The ULTIMATE UNIVERSE Needs Less Death and More Hope

After months of speculation that the Ultimate Universe is coming to an end, Josh  Hale Fialkov, author of Ultimate Comics: UltimatesHunger, and soon-to-be released Cataclysm: Ultimate X-Men, promises there will be a massive death toll during the upcoming Cataclysm mega crossover.  Say it isn’t so! 

In an interview with Nerdist, Fialkov stated “It’s so weird to talk about these books because we’re supposed to tease the end of the universe but we’re also not supposed to say we’re ending the universe. You can tease it, but don’t play it… what the hell does that mean? The gist of it is that everyone’s dead. Things will never be the same.”

Cancellation of such a great universe is NOT the answer.  What the Ultimate Universe needs is not more death- it needs more hope.  

When it was first launched in 2000, the Ultimate Universe was fresh, young and bright.  It was an optimistic universe featuring re-imagined versions of classic characters.  Since 2009’s Ultimatum event it has been dark and depressing.  First, Magneto destroyed New York City and killed off half the Ultimate characters (many who died through acts of cannibalism).  The destruction of the universe continued over the past few years- during whichWashington was destroyed, along with much of Europe.  Also, all hell brokeloose in the US leading to a second civil war.

For some reason, destroying the planet and killing characters is the go-to plot device to bring in new readers to the Ultimate Universe.  But every time they do this, it is not a jump-on point for new readers; it is a jump-off point for loyal readers. 

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