About Me

I’m a stay-at-home dad, who seconds as a freelance writer. I social worked for over a decade with great kiddos with behavioral and special educational needs. I write about parenting and Judaism and pro-wrestling and addiction and mental health and haggling and the dangers of hyper masculinity. My words have appeared in The Washington Post, Esquire, The Cut, The Forward, Tablet, Longreads, Mic, Insider, Men’s Health, Vox, and The Lily. My work’s been featured on the BBC and my voice has appeared on tons of podcasts.

I earned my MFA from Stony Brook University’s Creative Writing and Literature program, and I received fellowships/scholarships from the Indiana University Writers’ Conference and the New York State Writers Institute.

Follow me on Twitter or on Instagram for baby pics. You can also email me at jaydeitcher@gmail.com.