Pictures of Me Being Super-Handsome!


Me and my lovely lady.  This is proof a total comic nerd can get a beautiful girl!

1374214_10151948192036240_698301083_n (1)

DMC and I- Much love to my fellow comic book head DMC!  At NYCC 2013, I was blessed to get to talk to DMC about diversity in comics, addiction recovery and his new comic. Check out my exclusive interview with the King of Rock here.


With Chris Claremont- a man who influenced my life more than anyone not related to me by blood.


With Jeff Smith- I love this guy and he is so nice.


My cousin Ari, Stan Lee and I.  Ari started me on my comic addiction!


Ari and I at Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark. It was Ari’s idea to do the web slinging pose, really, I just went along with it.


My niece Abbey and I.  I look sharp and she looks cute.


I am the most Semitic Captain America eeeever!!!

My beard looks soooo cooool.  Admit it looks cool.


I look super fancy- just like The Spirit baby!



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