Selected Writing


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“The best $2,618 I ever spent: A second wedding ceremony. Six months after I nearly destroyed our first $26,112 day” (Vox)

“I wanted my son to reject masculine stereotypes. Then he fell in love with tractors.” (Today Show)

“‘You always want to try to make things better’: Bianca Belair is Brining Black Pride to the WWE.” (Mic)

“You can be happily married and asexual.” (Men’s Health)

“Mourning our parents can start before they die. Here’s how to cope with anticipatory grief.” (Washington Post)

“I’m A Stay-At-Home Dad Who Felt Like An Outsider At Playgroup. That Has To Change.” (Huffpost)

“How to Make Time With Someone Bad at Making Time,” (Shondaland)


“What travel vloggers and my in-laws have taught me about the fine art of haggling,” (Insider)

“Mendel’s Quest, aka Angry Jew, Helped Me Embrace My Heritage,” (Wired)

“The Stay-at-Home Dad’s Dilemma,” (Esquire)

“Admitted We Were Powerless Over Tylenol,” (Human Parts)

“‘Bluey’ is the Show I Need as a Stay-at-Home Dad,” (Parents Magazine)


“I Never Enjoyed Sex Until I Took It Less Seriously: When my wife and I had a baby, all my planning fell apart — and I finally learned to be spontaneous,” (The Cut)


“To Love and Protect Each Other — from Bigotry,” (Longreads)


“Cardi B Got Me Through My Son’s Circumcision,” (Tablet)

“I idolized my brother-in-law. When he left my sister, it almost ruined my marriage, too,” (The Washington Post)

“How Spider-Man’s Non-Jewish Co-Creator Helped Me Rediscover My Faith,” (Tablet)


“When my girlfriend was groped right in front of me, I didn’t believe her,” (The Washington Post. Picked up on The Lily, December 1, 2017. Republished in The Byline Bible by Susan Shapiro)