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The Top Five MARVEL Schmucks

marvel schmucks

Defining a word as amazing as schmuck is very difficult.  There are many similar words: fool, idiot, dodo, doofus, loser, moron, dumbass, half-witt.  These are all beautiful words that do a great job describing the majority of the world’s population, but none of these words have the emotion that schmuck brings with it, and none can carry the love.  Yes, I said love.  When people of Jewish decent refer to someone as a schmuck, of course it is because we think the person is a jackass, but it can also because we love the fool so much that it pains us to see them acting like such idiots.  We normally have to learn to love our schmucks because we are stuck with them.  Our schmucks are our friends, they are our lovers, and, often, they are our families.   Now, it must be made very clear, we do not love all schmucks because many schmucks should be avoided at all costs due to the extreme level of their schmuckiness.  But when that schmuck is your son or daughter, humor is often our most powerful weapon to create change.

Comic books are filled with schmucks, especially the Marvel Universe.  In all honesty, you can claim that the majority of Marvel characters are schmucks.  That is why we love them so much.

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