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NYCC Exclusive Interview: Ms. Marvel’s G. Willow Wilson!


Photo credit: Amber French

Marvel Comics revolutionized the industry when Lee, Kirby, Ditko and the rest of the bullpen created a world of flawed heroes and heroines who dealt with real-world problems. Whether it was the Fantastic Four bickering over family issues and worrying about money, or Peter Parker’s chronic relationship problems and guilt, the Marvel Universe dominated the industry with characters that were relatable. With Ms. Marvel, G. Willow Wilson channels the spirit of the early Marvel U in every issue, creating an authentic version of our generation’s teenaged super-heroine. The lead character, Kamala Khan, is a neurotic, witty, Pakistani-American, “part-alien, morphogenic nerd,” who writes fan-fiction. Like Petey, Kamala has difficulty managing her “work-life balance.” Kamala juggles family, school and friends while saving her hometown and taking care of Lockjaw, the giant, mustached, teleporting, Inhuman dog with a pitchfork on his head.

When Marvel launched the series they only expected it to run for seven issues, but the comic destroyed all expectations. The first issue has been reprinted over six times, and issues two through four are catching up fast. And the most impressive achievement–Ms. Marvel is at the top of my pull list every month. I had one major mission at this year’s New York Comic Con: interview G. Willow Wilson. This turned out to be an easy task because Wilson is incredibly friendly and willing to geek out with her fellow fanboys and fangirls. Without further ado:

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