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Exclusive Interview With Jewish Social Activist/Geek MaNishtana

manishtana coverMaNishtana is one of my favorite social activists on the web.  So often, American Jewry is seen only through the lens of
manishtana profileAshkenazi heritage, but MaNishtana is dedicated to promoting awareness of the diversity within Jewish communities and advocacy for Jews of Color (AKA “JOC”). His writing is witty, brave and extremely important. I was so excited to find out that this cat is an all-out geek. If you read his blog, you will see subtle references to sci-fi and comics throughout. He actually worked at a comic book shop for nine years! And in the near future, MaNishtana plans to write and draw his own comic for his new online mag, JN Magazine (the JN stands for Jewnited Nations).  I recently had the opportunity to talk comics with him.
UTF: What characters did you most connect to growing up?