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Why Does DMC of Run DMC Think He Can Make a Comic Book?

dmc power 2

Two weeks ago, I dropped an article titled “DMC of Run DMC is Bringing Real NY Flavor to Comics.”  Soon after posting it, a few people started runnin’ off with the mouth that DMC’s comics would have been relevant thirty years ago.  Let’s be real here- DMC, AKA Darryl McDaniels, is always going to be a hip hop legend, but doesn’t mean this dude can’t make hot comics as well.  Most of his current critics have not even been exposed to his current comic work.  Their lips are moving but they have no facts to back their claims up.  I understand people’s apprehension about outsiders thinking they can come in and start dropping comics based only on their name; I myself am a straight up comic book head and most celebrities can kiss my Yiddish behind.

But I wonder if these “critics” realize DMC is a lifelong comic book fan; do they realize he based his MC persona on his favorite comic heroes; do they realize that D has already brought on many of the top underground creators from comics and animation to work on his project?  In fact, I fathom they know little of DMC’s legacy, his origin, his struggles and his passions.  I would bet the only reference point they have to DMC is the logo they see on people’s t-shirts.

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