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Love & Comics: Creators on the Importance of Family–Part 2

marriage amy chuThis is part 2 of my look at the importance of family support in creators’ careers.  To read my fancy intro, check out part one here.

Amy Chu

amy chuProminent Work:Girls Night Out

On her husband being a geek:

“He doesn’t think he’s a geek. He’s a geek in denial. I think anyone who can quote from the Silmarillion verbatim is a geek.  Don’t you think? …  He thinks it’s literature. ”

During her college years, Amy was a comic head, but when she entered the workforce, she stopped reading.  In 2010, a friend recommended she take an online class about creating comics through Ex-Marvel Editor Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience.  Amy took the class “for fun;” she then took nearly every class offered.  Amy started self publishing her own comics.

Now that Amy is a successful indie writer/publisher who has had work published by DC, the family has comics all over the house.   Her hubbie has also been exposed as a comic book fanboy.  Amy skirts the line between mainstream and indie comics, but her hubbie is straight up Big Two.  At the time of the interview, her husband was geeking out because they were invited to the DC NYCC after party.

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